• Quinoa Tabbouleh

    Quinoa Tabbouleh

      This fantastic Quinoa Tabbouleh will transport you to the sunlit shores of the Mediterranean. It’s full to the brim with beautifully healthy ingredients, plus as it’s an oil free recipe it’s nice and low in calories. The traditional tabbouleh is made from bulgur wheat, quinoa is a nice substitution as it has a cleaner […]

  • Farro and Pea Salad

    Farro and Pea Salad for the post on 15 Delicious Vegan Mother's Day Recipes

    This Farro and Pea Salad is bursting with all the flavors of summer from the mint and lemon. It’s a satisfying and filling salad with plenty of different textures; chewy and “nutty” from the farro “creamy” from the non dairy feta cheese sweet from the peas refreshing from the mint zingy from the lemon What […]

  • Patty Pan Squash and Pea Salad

    favorite things in june

    Looking for a salad that’s elegantly delicious? Try this Patty Pan Squash and Pea Salad, it’s divine. The other day I was in Manhattan visiting one of my daughters, whenever I’m there I make a beeline for Eli’s Market on 3rd Avenue. It’s too gorgeous to miss. It’s easy to be mesmerized by the fantastic […]