Fabulous Recipes from your Pantry!

It’s at times like this that we can get really creative in the kitchen. Go shopping through your pantry and see what you have. You’ll be surprised I promise! You can whip up some really fabulous recipes with very few ingredients:)

If you have a reasonably stocked pantry the following recipes may come in handy. I hope they help and take a little stress off your shoulders. After all, a bowl of hearty nutritious and delicious soup could do everyone a world of good.

For the first time in a long while some of us find we have some “time.” This can lead to kitchen adventures that would normally not be possible with a busy schedule. How about making your own pasta for example, watching your bread dough slowly rise or creating a vegan cassoulet.

I  hope you have fun with these Fabulous Pantry Recipes!

Let’s start with Breakfast!

Get creative with substitutions.

You may not have all these ingredients but I bet you have a lot:)

  • Maybe you don’t have fresh berries at the moment but perhaps you have frozen?
  • If not maybe you have an apple you could grate into oatmeal or pancake batter.
  • A pinch of cinnamon and a splash of maple syrup is fabulous.
  • Or a spoonful of jam or fruit preserve, which I think is highly underrated.
  • You get the idea, “making do” can actually be delicious!

Blueberry Pancakes

Lovely pancakes from your pantry!

Dried Cherry and Almond Granola

Use any dried fruit, nuts and seeds that you have available. Don’t be constrained by the suggestions in the recipe. I made this with dried pineapple which I had forgotten I had and it was wonderful!

a great granola recipe from the pantry

Steel Cut Overnight Oats

To cut down on milk (hopefully non dairy!) make your oatmeal with water and add a dash of milk at the end. Using vanilla extract and cinnamon adds plenty of flavor and you won’t miss the milk:)

Steel cut oats from the pantry


Soups are wonderful and forgiving. Use any vegetables you may have, don’t worry if they’re looking a little wilted, no one will ever know once they’re made into soup!

If you don’t have lentils use whatever you have:)

Lentil Soup

A warming Lentil Soup

Vegetable and White Bean Soup

 Vegetable and Bean Soup

Mediterranean Split Pea Soup

Mediterranean Split Pea Soup


Thank Goodness for Pasta, everyone loves it and it happily sits in the pantry for years before finally going out of date. You can throw a lot at pasta and it still tastes good:)

Dried herbs are a Godsend. Look in your spice cabinet, I bet you have plenty what will liven up your pasta dishes.

Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttenesca made with pantry staples


There is nothing more versatile than a can of beans and almost everyone has them in their pantry. They keep for ever and cook up into a feast. Here are a few ideas for some Fabulous Pantry Recipes with beans. Again, don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients.

  • use water instead of stock and add some dried herbs and spices
  • try dried herbs and spices instead of fresh
  • if you don’t have the specified type of bean use whatever you do have!
  • don’t have a can of coconut milk for the Chana Masala? no problem it’s delicious without and you cut down on your fat intake!

Delicious Three Bean Chili

Great recipes from your pantry

Baked Chickpeas

Baked Chickpeas

Chana Masala

Chana Masala!

Something Sweet 🙂

Blueberry Crisp

Got a big old bag of frozen blueberries in your freezer?

Delicious blueberry crisp with ingredients from the pantry

Chocolate Energy Balls

Don’t be picky about the type of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

Energy Bites made with ingredients from your pantry

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Stay well everyone, sending much love from The Well Fed Yogi’s kitchen to yours oxoxoxo