Mary Callan

  • 9 Tips for Enjoying an Intentional Holiday Season

    9 tips to enjoy an intentional holiday season

    The following are my top 9 tips for enjoying an intentional holiday season. The holidays are what we make of them. On the one hand, we can eat and drink to excess, spend too much money, and wake up on New Year’s Day with an expanded waistline and a depleted bank account. Not an empowering […]

  • Beautiful Flowers for Your Christmas Table!

    Beautiful Red and White Flowers for Christmas!

    Celebrate the Season with Beautiful Flowers for Your Christmas Table! What could be more lovely than to decorate your Holiday table with some beautiful flowers for Christmas? They bring an unparalleled freshness and beauty and look stunning with candles and lights nestled around them. I find small posies, or even a single flower with a […]

  • Easy Homemade Butternut Squash Soup

    Enjoy a delicious bowl of Homemade Butternut Squash Soup This homemade butternut squash soup is warming and nourishing in all its orange velvety glory. It’s SO easy to whip up, you just pop everything into a large stockpot, let it simmer away until the vegetables are tender, and then blitz it in the blender. It’s […]